Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us?

Seabert Eye Care provides the highest quality, compassionate eye care to ensure your family enjoys a long, happy, and healthy life.

About Us

Your vision is probably your most precious sense, so why would you leave its care in the hands of anyone other than a professional. Here at Seabert Eye Care, we are completely committed to the health and wellbeing of your eyes as well as your vision. So, why choose us?

State of the Art Diagnostic Equipment

As part of our move to our new, state-of-the-art facility in Burleson, TX, we have invested in some of the most cutting-edge technology available in order to provide truly exceptional eye care services. This includes new diagnostic equipment that enables us to obtain a comprehensive understanding of every patient’s unique ocular health and visual needs so that we can tailor our services to meet your individual requirements.

Some of the diagnostic equipment that our patients can now benefit from including the following:


Easy Choice Digital Refraction (the "Which is better 1 or 2?" test)

This test just got a whole lot easier! This digital refraction system is used to determine the level of refractive error that you have and enables us to decipher which prescription is needed to optimize your vision.... This particular version offers an outstanding patient experience, with its sleek, thin profile and ergonomic design combined with pre-programmed tests that make the process more comfortable.

Optomap Daytona "Dilation Free" Exam

Need an exam, but hate getting dilated? We've got you covered. (However, for individuals with certain health or eye problems, we may still need to dilate your eyes.)... This equipment allows us to see ultra-high-resolution images of the inside of your eyes. Retinal imaging is a crucial aspect of any eye exam since some of the first signs of disease, including stroke, diabetes and even some types of cancer, first, become evident in the retina of the eye. It can also be used to catch and manage the early onset of many eye conditions.

"No Puff" Eye Exam

Because who in the world enjoys getting air puffed in their eyes?!

Visionix Vx120

This simplified testing instrumentation provides us a wealth of information about your eyes in a fraction of the time it once took. As you might guess, this device enables us to make a truly comprehensive assessment of the health and condition of your eyes!

Diopsys Neuro Optic Vision Assessment (NOVA) System

This device helps us to identify eye disease often BEFORE it causes PERMANENT structural damage to your eyes and vision. This technology, once only available in university teaching institutions, is now available in our office.... We can identify and manage numerous eye diseases such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic eye disease, optic neuritis/multiple sclerosis, and various other retinal, vascular and neurological diseases.

Optical Coherence Retinal Tomography (OCT)

This technology can 3 dimensionally image internal structures of your eyes down to about 6 microns of resolution (that is 0.006 millimeters). That helps us to identify problems developing in the eyes often before they can start to harm your vision. ... The earlier we can discover these early-onset eye diseases, the better our chances for preserving your vision with appropriate treatments.

Humphreys Visual Field Analyzer:

Allows us to map out your field of vision, or peripheral vision, that can be damaged from diseases such as glaucoma, optic neuritis, brain tumors, and various other diseases.

iCare "no puff" Eye Pressure Testing Device

Also primarily used for glaucoma testing, this non-invasive piece of diagnostic equipment measures the amount of pressure inside your eyes to determine your risk for glaucoma. It does this without the puff of air that is standard with these types of tests and that many patients find uncomfortable or disturbing.

QuantifEye Macular Pigment Optical Density Device:

This instrument is used to assess your risk factors for a common condition known as age-related macular degeneration, or AMD which is when the eyesight begins to deteriorate with age.... AMD is the leading cause of severe vision loss in adults over the age of 55 and the effects are irreversible. However, by spotting it early, there are steps that can be taken to prevent it and slow the deterioration of your vision.

In Summary

We have all the necessary equipment to diagnose and manage various eye conditions and diseases, such as diabetic eye disease, macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataracts, and more.

Optical Showroom

Choosing the right eyeglasses can be a daunting experience if you aren’t given a great selection and the support of friendly, knowledgeable and patient customer advisors. If you aren’t used to wearing glasses, finding a style of frame can be a little overwhelming and it can take some time to determine which best complements your features and enhances your appearance.

Not only does our new and improved optical showroom now have an even larger selection of high-quality eyeglass frames than before, but our experienced customer advisors understand the importance of selecting the right glasses and will help you every step of the way. This includes everything from frame selection to determining which type of lenses and lens coatings will be best for your individual circumstances. This will ensure that you leave our new, state of the art facility with a clear vision and supreme confidence in your appearance.

If you would like more information on any of the services that we can offer, or if you would like to schedule an appointment at our new facility in Burleson, TX, please contact us today by calling (817) 857-8700.