Benefits of Buying Designer Eyewear

Express your personality through your eyewear! Many designer frames can define your look, and the style and quality of these eyeglasses separate them from traditional eyewear. While your budget and fashion preferences may influence your decision, there are many benefits of buying designer eyeglasses.

High-quality Frames


World-renowned designers use the highest quality materials to create stylish eyewear. The difference between them and other frames is huge. As soon as you pick up a pair of branded frames, you can tell the difference instantaneously. Some of the features of designer eyewear include:

  • Superior vision

  • Use of premium-grade metals

  • Comfortable and lightweight


Premium Quality Design


Branded eyewear is often crafted by noteworthy designers around the world. They are additions to your wardrobe as they offer sophistication and style. Unlike other eyewear, designer eyeglasses have tasteful attention to detail and design. This level of craftsmanship and care is not present in traditional eyeglasses.

Offer More Than Just a Name


Designer frames are more than just a brand or logo. Most designer eyewear comes with warranties that protect your investment should something happen to them. Designer eyewear is slightly more expensive than its non-branded counterparts. Some of these include:

  • Gucci

  • Armani Exchange

  • Vera Bradley

  • Calvin Klein

  • Lu Lu Guinness

  • Silhouette

  • Nike Flexon

  • Maui Jim Suns

  • Flexon

  • Takumi

  • OP

  • Ted Baker

  • Flexon Kids

  • Izod

  • Disney

  • Sketchers

  • Candies

  • Jimmy Crystal

  • X Games


Better UV Protection


Designer eyewear brands offer very effective UV protection. Most of them sport a minimum UV400 protection rating, which is more than enough to avert the risk of severe eye damage.

More Durable


Non-designer eyeglasses perpetually break within a short time. The manufacturers may use inexpensive materials, making them fragile and hard to handle. Dropping them may lead to cracks or the lenses falling out.

Designer eyewear may be made with durable materials and even scratch-resistant lenses. Nonetheless, it is important to take good care of your eyeglasses. This is regardless of their quality.

Variety of Colors


Designer eyewear comes in a different variety of colors or designs. You have the freedom to choose from many color options that you may prefer. This helps make designer frames suitable for different settings and occasions, unlike their generic counterparts. The choice of various colors also makes a noticeable fashion statement.

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