Burleson Optometrist

Dr. Seabert would like to welcome you to his Burleson eye care center where he and his topflight staff provide some of the most excellent eye care to be found in the state of Texas. The doctor, William Seabert, is highly skilled and licensed to provide you with many vision care services. Dr. Seabert is not alone in this; he has recruited a highly qualified staff to support him in delivering the best care to his patients. When you choose Seabert Eye Care, you choose the best eye care Burleson has to offer.

On visits with our Optometrist, Burleson Patients Can request:

  • A complete eye exam, far more thorough than what many large retail chains can offer
  • Effective remedies and treatment for ailments and illnesses that trouble the eyes and other relevant structures
  • Prescription eye wear that can fit patients of every age
  • Help with information, care, and recovery before and after eye surgeries such as cataract and LASIK
  • For patients that want contact lenses, we can do the fitting, prescribing, and supplying

Comprehensive Vision Health Care from a Burleson Eye Doctor

Everyone should get their eyes checked on a regular basis. Seeing your eye doctor every year is best. A comprehensive eye exam, like what Dr. Seabert’s practice offers, will consist of a detailed vision test, an examination of the external surface of the eye, an examination of the inside of the eye going all the way back to the retina, and some specialized tests for specific illnesses like glaucoma.

In addition to the very important yearly eye exam, Dr. Seabert also has some suggestions for all patients, current and prospective, for what they can do to protect and sustain their eye health and sharp vision:

  1. Your diet should be rich in fruit and veggies, these are key to providing your body with the building blocks for the cells in our eyes and the fuel for their function
  2. Ultraviolet rays are harmful to your eyes, don’t stare directly into the sun and wear sunglasses whenever you must be exposed to bright sunlight for an extended period of time
  3. Limit the amount of time you spend staring into monitors and television screens since excessive viewing can cause your eyes to become tired
  4. Always wear protective eye goggles when working in a hazardous environment, all it takes is for one tragic accident to diminish your sight significantly, or to permanently impair it

Dr. Seabert is the eye doctor Burleson patients deserve. He is highly trained, highly skilled, and he really cares about all of his patients. He went into optometry because he has a passion for protecting and restoring the gift of sight. Furthermore, his staff shares his passion and commitment to excellence in practicing optometry in Burleson. Call them today and set up an appointment to see the doctor. It will not take long to see how professional he is and how much he cares. His staff will welcome you with open arms and calm any fears you may be having in regard to your sight and eye health. We know these matters are serious, and we are here to help.

Seabert Eye Care Proudly serves patients in Crowley, Cleburne, Richland Hills, Forest Hill, White Settlement, North Richland Hills, and the surrounding areas.

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